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select and use power sockets eight attention -澳门mg真人

the power plug and socket are small, but related to the safety of life and property. how do consumers choose and use power plugs and sockets? the experts from beijing quality and technology supervision bureau put forward "eight notices".

the specific content of "eight attention" is:

first, we should pick up the famous power plug and socket brand in the large shopping mall and supermarket. two, we should look at the complete signs on the plug and socket, whether it includes the name of the enterprise, the specification model, the rated current value, the character of the power supply, and the related warning language, etc.

three, we should choose the corresponding plug and socket according to the power of the electric appliance, and two larger household appliances with larger power should not be put on the same socket.

four, when plugs are inserted into sockets, they should be well contacted, no loosening and no effort to pull them out.

five, do not plug large power household appliances on the socket with small current rating.

six, when the size and size of the plug and wall socket are incorrect, do not change the size or shape of the plug manually.

seven, when the power cord or plug is damaged, we need to change the professional personnel.

eight, find the outlet temperature is too high or appear to pull arc, fire, plug and socket contact bad contact, plug too loose or tight, should be stopped and replaced in time.

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