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pick up the socket for seven -澳门mg真人

1.the appearance and color of the appearance switch should be consistent with the overall style of the interior. for example, the overall tone of indoor decoration is light color, and black, brown and other dark switches should not be used.

2. look at the good quality of the switch to use high quality materials, such as bulletproof rubber, fireproof performance, moisture resistance, impact resistance performance is high, smooth surface, purchase should consider the feel of the feel of their touch, with the feeling of the preliminary judgement switch material, and inquire the distributor. generally speaking, the products whose surfaces are not smooth and feel thin and crisp are untrustworthy. good panels for switches and sockets require no bubbles, no scratches, no stains. the handle of switch toggle is light and not tight. the socket of socket must be equipped with protective door. plugging and plugging should take some effort and cannot be inserted by single foot.

3., we should weigh the components of a single switch when we buy the switch. because only the copper in the inside of the switch is thick, the weight of a single switch is large, and the copper inside is the most critical part of the switch, and if it is an alloy or a thin piece of copper, it will not have the same weight and quality.

4. look at the brand to encourage people to choose famous brands. because the quality of switch is related to the normal use of electrical appliances, and even the convenience of life. many dealers in the interview have expressed the same view that many small manufacturers produce switches or sockets that are unreliable, and that it will not take long, and regular replacement is obviously very troublesome; but most famous brands will make effective promises to consumers, such as "15 years", "guarantee 12 years of life", " it can switch 10000 times continuously.

5. see the service as far as possible to the regular manufacturers designated stores or sales points to buy, and ask for shopping invoices, so as to guarantee the ability to enjoy after service after the day.

6., look at the logo. we should pay attention to the identification on the base of switch and socket: including the great wall certification (ccee), rated current and voltage.

7., look at the packaging product. there should be a clear address on the packaging surface, including instructions and certificates.

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