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guide for selection of socket -澳门mg真人

look at the protective door, with a screwdriver or a small key into the two hole and three hole at the bottom of a side hole. with a little effort, it is a single door to protect the door. the socket is obviously not safe enough.

second, look at the copper material. if you see it through the socket is bright yellow, then give up directly. brass is easy to rust, and its texture is soft. as time goes on, contact and conductivity will decrease. if the color of the copper is purple, it will be better. red copper is tough and not easy to rust. it's not right to see it directly. many sockets are sockets. copper is used here, brass is used inside, and rust is also easy. even with copper, there is a higher score. most brands of copper pieces are several pieces of splicing, rivet interface, so that the interface will also heat, affecting conductivity. technology comparison, the brand will use the whole piece of copper to make copper parts, so that the conductivity is improved a lot.

third. look at the distance between the two or three inserts. some products do not consider so much, two holes and three hole distance is close (for example, tcl supersonic 777, siemens vision, smart), inserted three holes, two holes will be changed, because the plug is large, the place is occupied. these problems must be taken into consideration when buying sockets. or js cheated you, and i feel that you have earned it.

make up a switch selection guide to look at the shell material first.

the main switch brands in the market generally choose pc material, and pc material is called bullet proof adhesive. the characteristics of anti shock, high temperature resistance and discoloration are very important for controlling electrical switches. the better switch front panel and the back base are made of pc, while the general switch will replace the pc with black nylon on the base, so that the cost can be reduced a lot. the same use of pc material, a lot of switch manufacturers use the domestic production (even if the standard is the united states ge what is the domestic cooperation factory is done, only sold by ge), but at present, in fact, no company has the ability to produce pc material, the so-called domestic production is usually reprocessed by reprocessing, so the impurity ratio high, it will be very brittle, and the heat resistance is also obviously poor. in order to reduce cost, the front panel can be replaced by mixture or abs instead of pc. these materials not only impact resistance, poor heat resistance, but also easy to change color, feel the surface is very rough. next, the contact point is the contact point of the conductive parts during the switch.

the contact one depends on the size (the greater the better).

two look at the material. there are mainly three kinds of contacts, silver nickel alloy, silver cadmium alloy and pure silver. silver nickel alloy is an ideal contact material at present. it has good conductivity and hardness, and it is not easy to oxidize rust. silver cadmium alloy contacts are also better, but the cadmium element belongs to the heavy metal, on the one hand is harmful to the human body, on the other hand, the fusion of silver is not ideal, will form small cadmium metal particles on the contact surface, may pull out the electric arc when conducting. pure silver is not suitable for contact, and it is really good in electrical conductivity, but it is very soft and easy to oxidize (like a long time silver jewelry will turn black). the contact is deformed if the switch is more soft. if the rust is oxidized, the conductivity will be much worse. the rust point is also easy to generate heat, so it is easy to burn the contacts.

third look at the structure. nowadays, they are mainly made of large panel. their appearance and feel are better than those of thumb type. the biggest problem of the thumb type is easy to hold, because the torque is short, the switching amplitude is small, the spring a little soft or a little bit, can cause the switch to hold. the first two days to see gray (do not tell me it is rice, it is rice in the rice country, it is that i is the martian) a so-called reset switch, try the feel violent, open a look inside is a small roller, turn the 1/4 circle, in order to reduce the inevitable friction, covered with lubricating oil. i want to think that half a year later, the lubricating oil is dry and how to use this switch. in addition, the power of household appliances is becoming more and more powerful, and the demand for the power load of the switch is also high, especially in the instant (many inferior switches are burned by the instant big current). a good switch should be able to pass more than 16a of current, and the most common way is 10a current.

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