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shen is selected as the world lighting times. -澳门mg真人

shen li, born in 1969, was born in cixi, zhejiang. cixi is located in the east china sea, the south bank of the hangzhou bay, 60 kilometers east from ningbo, 148 kilometers from shanghai to shanghai, 138 kilometers west to hangzhou, is an important industrial and commercial city in the south wing of the big shanghai economic circle in the yangtze river delta, and also one of the coastal economic open areas approved by the state council. cixi city guanhaiwei town in the economy is most prominent.

located in the east of cixi, the comprehensive strength of wei hai town is among the best in cixi's villages and towns. it is the east wing of the important strategy of cixi. it is the pilot town of the comprehensive reform of the regional and provincial central towns in ningbo and the small towns in the province. after years of accumulation and development, we have formed four main industrial systems, which are mainly socket, household appliances, lighters and hardware tools. the domestic market share of sixty percent lighters dominated the home appliance industry, socket industry occupy half of the country.

shen li and young ears of waxy with head, 17 year old began to travel extensively, and will exercise keen eyes. in the early 90s, xiao shen, a 20 young pioneer, was traveling to shunde, guangdong. he realized a huge business opportunity in a factory. this is a manufacturer specializing in the production of lighters. the scale is not impressive, but the propaganda banner is marked with the slogan of vowing annual output value of 50 million. at the time, the shunde lighter production chain has been quite large and mature, 50 million in the time of the time is a very considerable number, this inadvertent discovery, direct stimulation produced a new rising star.

shen li and the three siblings, a brother and sister, he is the youngest. the lighter factory started from the first 35 people, a tumble, a great progress, and then to thousands of employees, and 1 million nissan lighters from the cixi view of the sea guard to the north and south of china. shen boss also clearly remembered that when he went to yiwu to collect money, he used a large sack and millions of millions of money to send it to the bank directly. the accumulation of primitive capital has expanded rapidly at a surprising speed in a few years. ten years later, the father was the master, and the three brothers and sisters divided their family into three. they fought each other in the world. the cigarette lighter business was taken over by his son shen li and son cheng.

at the time, the lighter factory called the huali factory, the big fish head lighter was impatient, and cixi looked at the lighter industry of the sea guard. no one mentioned shen li and the name. the name of the lighter was closely linked with the lighter industry.

in 2007, shen li and he made a bold act of making a surprise attack. he decided to transfer the lightest lighter industry and enter the sockets industry.

at that time, a lot of people felt that shen li and his brain made a lot of money and made a lot of money. they did not do it, and turned completely into a strange industry to start a second round of business. in the year, shen's general reason for his turn has its full reason: although the lighter industry is good at making money, but the entry threshold is low, there is no technical content, and the subsequent influx, it is difficult to form a unique advantage brand, the enterprise wants to be big and strong, only the brand is the unbreakable reason, only the brand can achieve 100 the basic conditions and guarantee of the annual base industry.

in the first half of 2007, shen li and after a large number of market research and investigation, resolutely abandoned the golden period of the lighter industry, the establishment of cixi qingfeng electronic limited. integrity management, quality first, brand building as the second round of entrepreneurship, and create the direction of qingfeng brand outlet. the clean wind product has made continuous innovation in the quality technology, and is always in the forefront of the industry. not to do inferior products and not take the line of price war is the principle that the qingfeng company scrupulously abide by. the next door of the qingfeng factory is the famous bull's socket. the focus of the breeze is focused on the brother of the neighbouring country. it is strict with the law and insists on the way of the brand. qingfeng's technology standard has surpassed the national standard. qingfeng's new product development degree and speed surpassed the eldest brother quietly.

now, the outlet of qingfeng brand has entered thousands of households. in some areas where the channel is mature, the air outlet has become a choice for many users to follow the bulls and break through the sockets.

qingfeng electronics co., ltd. covers an area of 6000 square meters, with a total investment of 30 million yuan, introducing advanced equipment in developed countries such as the united states, germany, japan and other developed countries, embracing modern standard plant, with first-class research and development ability, first-class professional technical force, and complete testing means. since its establishment six years ago, the company has won many national patents. qingfeng brand products have passed the us ul, canada cul certification and domestic 3c certification. qingfeng has won the honorary title of the ten famous brands of china, the sockets industry. star yin xiaotian's fresh and clear style is highly consistent with qingfeng brand, and becomes the ambassador of qingfeng product. qingfeng products sell well in overseas markets such as europe, america, hong kong, macao, taiwan, southeast asia and the middle east. in 2012, the sales revenue of qingfeng socket reached 200 million yuan, plus export value. the annual output value was nearly 600 million yuan. the clean wind products involve electronic components, household appliances and accessories, distribution switch control equipment, plastic products, hardware accessories, daily use products, stationery manufacture and processing. the reputation of the clean wind, the high quality of the clean wind and the high end of the development strength make the outside world look at each other. it has become the oem/0dm manufacturer of many electrical and stationery brands in china.

the company is in 2013 for an extraordinary year, sword attack a year. october

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